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Willingness to pay

Crisis statement 

Problem Statement: Willingness to pay

Significant spending is incurred by governments (National / State) to create infrastructure (public and community toilets / wastewater infrastructure). However, these assets fall into disarray because of poor attention to operation and maintenance. The poor response of households towards payment of user charges is often the reason for low cost recovery. Willingness to pay surveys before commencement of any large infrastructure projects provides an opportunity to let the customer know of the services being offered and also get their feedback in terms of ability and willingness to pay for the services. This would help to not only influence user charges but also ensure that customers are willing and eager to pay for the service and its operation and maintenance costs.

Needs statement 

Data needed to create this solution

·         Details of proposed infrastructure projects (technical, financial, capital, operating and maintenance costs).

·         Photographs of environmental conditions (before and after project (visualized).

·         Call in and or short code for customer to report

Intended audience and the Device:

The general public and the utility.

A mobile device is best.


Impact statement 

Description of the envisioned solution:

The solution could be SMS blasts to all residents with information of the proposed infrastructure (project details, intended benefits, before / after photographs (expected), anticipated O&M costs and user charges to cover O&M). The SMS will also include a number to call in or short code to message the required information. The data will be captured in a central server and used for data analysis.


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