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Wide Width Shoes And Footwear

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If you have wide feet like I do, you need wide width shoes. I absolutely can’t stand the feeling of my wide feet being pinched and crammed into regular width shoes. I’ve come to only wear the most comfortable shoes I can find.

So, these days, I don’t cram into shoes anymore! I’ve created this lens for everyone out there who has wide feet. My hopes are that this guide will substantially help you in your journey to find the shoes, boots, and sandals that fit properly, whether you’re in search of wide width shoes and footwear for a woman or a man.

The companies listed below are all companies that I know for a fact make a wide width or extra wide width shoe. Some of them I’ve personally tried (which I will clearly longchamp bags outlet vouch for, like Reebok and Skechers shoes), others I haven’t. For years, I have searched long and hard to find the small list of companies that make wide width shoes and extra wide width shoes. I wish that I had had this list years ago when I was constantly looking for the right shoe.

If you have tried a particular brand and would like to share with us, I encourage you to do so. There are multiple polls, comment areas, and other modules to help you share your opinions or experiences with various brands. My goal is to make this the most helpful resource for all people with wide feet. Enjoy!

2Reebok: These are the shoes I wear every day for maximum comfort. They are really some of the most comfortable shoes. I really like the styling of the Club C model too. This is a shoe that can be worn in any season, with shorts, or with pants.

4New Balance: I like New Balance for they’re undying efforts to contribute products that cater to the longchamp sale wide footed community. I have several pairs of these lying around as well. I use them mostly longchamp outlet for walking playing basketball, or going to the gym.

5Rockport: Rockport is the classic casual dress shoe. They’re pretty darn comfy too, if do say so myself. I had a pair of Rockport lace up casual shoes for over 10 years! Granted, I didn’t wear them every day, but I wore them enough to know that Rockport is a high quality brand. 2013-10-28 .


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