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Where to invest to be the best?

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There is no updated information about sanitation in remote areas of the country, what makes impossible any kind of investment in sanitation

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In Peru there are little towns so remote and forgotten that seem to not exist. There are 8.9 million people in rural areas of which almost 70% (6.2 million) lack adequate sewage disposal and waste water, exposed to disease, which are even worsened by the weather conditions.. Technology can become a great ally to solve this problem according to adaptability the needs of the population and its low cost. To enable governments to make investments is necessary to know certain information (population, needs, location, technical facilities, etc.). Often the absence of this information makes impossible investment.

Needs statement 


Databases to reflect the reality in terms of the needs that require to be resolved (population, per capita income, geographic location, service coverage, etc.). These data often are isolated and what is needed is to link the variables to valuable information that will allow prioritize public spending and improve the living conditions of the population.

Impact statement 


Accurate information is expected to show the areas that need investment in sanitation issues across the country. It requires the commitment of the authorities to allocate funds and efforts to address these challenges.



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do you foresee that data would be collected by a field survey? If so, what data should be collected in each case?

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Pete Pihko

Pajat Solutions, Finland

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I really do think ‘community reporting’ using mobile to web base technololy is part of the solution to this issue. 

Outputs information, community engagment, community led programmes, and if you like it to other open data e.g. health data, it can assit drive your programme. Expansion options once servise has gain traction e.g. delivering health awareness nudges ! 

46% of the population in Botswana still do not have access to environmentally and cultrually approipriate sanitation options. However almost all these people do have mobile phones (Population of under 2 million people – over 2.8 million registered mobile phones) – often people use tow netork providers to take advantage of reduce charges etc.

We have developed close links with all the key stakeholders Communites, agencies and other NGOs to look at developing a mobile to web service with support of My Society a UK charity developing web based serives and funding support from Indigo Trust. Its early days but we hope to report on progress soon.

Happy to put you in contact with any of the partners etc

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