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Would also be good to have a simple method of reporting (e.g. via mobile phone) when a school (or public) facility stops working, so if a spare part or other maintenance is needed it can be replaced quickly and effectively.

A common complaint of school administrators, is also that soap for handwashing often goes missing. How can we keep soap in schools?

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Dear colleagues,

I am leading a project for building institutional and technical capacity for the provision of wastewater services at local level in Indonesia.

I would really be interested in meeting you guys to learn about the progress you are making and how your ideas and experiences can be used in our programme.

Please let me know if this is possible and how we can meet. I am in Jakarta Selatan. Terima kasih!


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We have developed system in this problem at sanitation hackathon on December 1-2 2012 later.

This system called WIN Sys (WASH Integrated Monitoring System).

Detail information about our system can be found in THIS LINK.

This system haven’t finished yet. We still have more discussions about what the best solutions is.

We are in Jakarta Timur,

Thank You.


(Sigma Fit Team Member)

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