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Urban Inequity Survey data API

Short description 

A data API to increase access and usage of UIS dataset to more people in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda through web and mobile applications.

Needs statement 

The Urban Inequity Survey (UIS) is an innovative methodology, developed by UN-HABITAT, to monitor and assess water and sanitation service coverage, and to display the data spatially. The collected baseline data on urban centres of across Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda can be visualised through the
H20initiative UIS dashboard developed by Upande Limited.

Problem definition
A Data API is required to avail the location and attribute data to web and mobile application developers looking to pull data in json/geojson/xml format from the UIS dataset.

Proposed solution
Intergrate a REST API framework to a web application serving the data from a database. The python Django framework could be used to setup the web app while django-tastypie to create API resources. The UIS data can reside in a Postgresql database which will ensure geographic data is also exposed via the API.


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