Update from Jakarta SanHackers | Sanitation Hackathon

Update from Jakarta SanHackers

Introduction of SanHack to Association of Universities that Teach Computer Sciences: 

Since the preparation for the Sanitation Hackathon in Jakarta are fully underway, we have been thinking how to best reach out to the IT community here. Since the overall goal of the SanHack is to form a network and a community for future collaboration, we need to give some thought to how to connect to a wide network of IT professionals who provide ICT services that we can use for the challenges in the sanitation sector. 

In Jakarta, we were very lucky two weeks ago to receive the opportunity to introduce the Sanitation Hackathon to the Association of Universities that teach Computer Sciences (APTIKOM) at their annual national coordination meeting. It was a great crowd and lots of people showed interest in it and offered their support for partnership, hosting or reaching out to their networks. A big thanks to all of them! 

Following this introduction to APTIKOM, we are now very happy to announce that the Sanitation Hackathon in Jakarta will be hosted by the Faculty of Computer Sciences of the University of Indonesia. It’s a great location within a beautiful campus. 

Brainstorming sessions: 

On 18 & 30 October 2012, sector practitioners and IT professionals in Jakarta came together for a joint brainstorming session on real life sanitation problems that have the potential for IT solutions. The sessions were hosted by the Planning and Development Ministry (BAPPENAS) and the World Bank Office Jakarta. We had a range of good discussions and the participants came up with lots of challenging ideas and problems we are facing in the sanitation sector. 

Especially valuable were the contributions of the IT colleagues (IT lecturers and programmers) during the second session, who provided strategic guidance on which issues we should focus the problem statements on. One particularly interesting aspect was the concept of ‘gamification’ – adding elements of games to the actions and projects in real life. Such as collecting points or credit for diligent reporting or increasing one’s status in the system by adding friends or bringing in new members. 

What became clear during the discussions was the huge potential that lies out there. Combining ICT solutions with real life issues, especially those concerning development, is a very wide field that screams for creative ideas. We’re very excited thinking about the collaborative future ahead! 


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