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In urban areas, we observed that people still doing pee/poop in illegal places. Most of them who do that, especially in Jakarta, are commuters or people who on their way from place to place. Because they don’t know where the nearest toilets are, they do those natural calls in illegal places, like beside buses or under a tree. That’s very common here.

Data from University of Indonesia shows that everyday there are 5,4 millions commuters in Jakarta in 2010. We can imagine how much litres urine everywhere under the trees, beside the buses, or in building corners beside the streets. And we experience so often: while walking and have to fasten our steps.

Another problem is that UNICEF data for 2011 states that 26 percent of Indonesia’s population still defecate in open places.

So we decided to build ToiLight. With ToiLight we can:

1. find nearest toilets,

2. find nearest toilets with filters, it helps us to decide desired toilet. The filters including rate, price, opening time, type (gas station toilet, mall toilet, etc), and facilities it has (lamp, soap, hand dryer, water, tissue).

3. adding toilets along with the data: location (via GPS or marking it in map), price, type (gas station toilet, restaurant toilet, mall toilet, rental toilet, station/bus stop toilet), and facilities, and also including toilets’ pictures. We believe in the power of the crowds.

4. adding toilets for business, by adding toilet for business, user can get dashboard to know the business growth. User also can promote their profile to social medias like Twitter or Facebook. And don’t forget, a toilet with the greatest score will be picked as Toilet of The Week.


1. It’s completed with toilet’s pictures feature, so user can see how a toilet looks like.

2. User can share a toilet profile, rate, and report problem it has.

3. Because users can tweet about a toilet’s profile, they can also see what people say in Twitter. That’s a feature in ToiLight.

4. ToiLight is web based, so as long as device can open browser, anyone can use it! This is indeed intended for mobile purpose, whether it is phone or tablet. (“In many parts of the world, more people have access to a mobile device than to a toilet or running water” ~Nancy Gibbs, from

5. Mashed up with Google maps API, Google Analytics API, and Twitter API.

6. Based on 2011 Statistics Indonesia data, just 4 from all provinces in Indonesia have proper sanitation above 60%. By ToiLight for Business feature, we can support and promote better sanitation because businessmen will try to provide good toilets.

What next?

Although there is already “What People Say” feature to know what people say about particular toilet in Twitter and also feature to rate toilet’s profile, to make our assesment about toilet’s profile better, in the next time we will add sentiment analysis to know how good a toilet is based on what people say in internet automatically.

Team members: Rr. Nefriana, Bayu Setyawan, Dea Venditama, Muhammad Fahmi Al Azhar.

Team name: Selamat Berbahagia (Congrats for Happiness).


To watch video about our app, please visit


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