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Short Description 

toilet finder to find nearest toilets wherever we are.It helps people who need toilet urgently,sso they can pee/poon in right place and time

Project Description 

We made an application that can find nearest toilets. It helps people find the right place in right time. It prevent them, which now still a common problem in both rural and urban places, to pee/poop in inappropriate places. We also added feature that people can add toilets. It uses the power of users, to help making the database richer that’s very important for the sustainibility of our system. Share comments can be done to many kinds of social networking. And in the extra features, we give tematics map about good sanitation and blog about health.


We enerich the toilets profile with the tissue, waters,lamp, hand dryer, location, and direction and another important parts of toilet information so people can decide wich toilet is the best for them. To know the streets conditions..we retrieve the data from twitter; it’s real time and most people in twitter. 🙂

Associated Problem Statements 
Hardware and Software Requirements 
feature phone(GPS)
laptop. PC

Project Participants 


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