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Toilet Square Team

Short Description 

Connect & organize citizens with experts/vendors & government/donors to improve sanitation facilities within their community

Project Description 

Citizens will be able to share information related to existing public toilets in a particular area. They will also be able to rate a toilet based on its state & condition and also give their feedback through shouts.

Anyone opening the app for the first time will be able to see list of public toilets within 100 meter radius of his/her current geo-location and shortest walking path to reach that place (subject to availability on Google maps)

Apart from this they will be able to report a toilet need in a particular area.

Vendors expert in providing sanitation products and services will have an exclusive list of sanitation needs of area they want to follow (based on their competency & skill set), reported by citizens. They will also be able to propose solution with cost.

Donors will have an exclusive list of sanitation needs they want to follow (i.e. something they care more about), reported by citizens. They will also be able to pledge donation amount for each need they want to be addressed.

Local Government, City Government, District/Division Government or Provincial/State Government will be able to monitor & evaluate the performance of individual(s)/department(s) and also pledge donation.

Associated Problem Statements 
Hardware and Software Requirements 
Android 2.1+



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