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Short description 

Toilerate is a social rating system to locate, rate and report issues and curiosities with public toilets around your city and country.

Crisis statement 


One of the challenges Cape Town has are broken or unusable toilets – to the extent that the mayor has put her weight behind a programme to employ janitors to clean and fix toilets.  The programme has only worked so well though – and one issue is that people cannot, or do not want to, easily report on broken or unusable toilets.

South Africa also attracts around 890 000 tourists per year, all relying on the use of public toilets. Locating public toilets that is in good working condition is often critical when no other alternative is available.

Needs statement 

Public participation is the major requirement to ensure the success of the project, as well as linking the outputs of the application to the municipal agencies and private janitor companies in the local environment. 

The app will ensure that the private and public companies that delivers cleaning services are held accountable, has real time feedback on the services that they deliver, as well as a marketing platform to promote their services. Service providers can track their employees as well.

The reason why visitors would become repeat users is the strong focus on the novelty factor of interesting toilets. This maintains a positive focus as well as provide a safe platform to engage in the emerging market of eco-loos and alternative sanitation.

Impact statement 


The hacked solution will deliver impact through a public-private partnership. Toilerate will be self-sustaining by generating revenue created through personalised advertising as well as the subscription model where private companies have access to the relevant feedback on their site.



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