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The Sh!t Map

Short description 


Platform to map

  • where sanitation is needed as identified by locals
  • past and present projects
  • activity location of NGOs & Govt Dept
Crisis statement 


Various organisations are involved in sanitation projects, and may of them:

  • do not coordinate their efforts 
  • are not aware of projects by other organisations
  • do not share best practice or are aware of best practice from other organisations


Many of these sanitation projects would benefit from improved coordination of their efforts. In addition, ability to map out sanitation needs by locals would help focus and prioritise efforts by the organisations and save them time in planning. 

Needs statement 


An easy to use platform where

  1. organisations can map out locations of their projects – past, present and planned
  2. provide description of the above projects (text and pictures)
  3. grade the impact of the above project
  4. locals, NGOs and Government Departments can map out sanitation needs
  5. grade the necessity and urgency in (4)


Impact statement 


  1. Mapping out the current needs would help plan and prioritise effort by organisations.
  2. Mapping out activity locations would improve coordination between organisations
  3. Mapping out past projects would improve sharing of best practice

Such coordinated effort has occurred in event of specific disasters (e.g. following earthquake in Haiti), and applying similar coordinated effort would help organisations and governments meet the local sanitation needs.


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