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ng came up, preceding a gentleman in fine laced clothes, that had evidently been figuring at Court or a great mans levee. The courtier cough

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ng came up, preceding a gentleman in fine laced clothes, that had evidently been figuring at Court or a great mans levee. The courtier coughed a little at the smoke of the pipe, and looked round the room curiously, which was shabby enough, as was the owner in his worn, snuff-colored suit and plain tie-wig.
How goes on the magnum opus, Mr. Addison? says the Court gentleman on looking down at the papers that were on the table.
We were but now over it, says Addison (the greatest courtier in the land could not longchamp outlet store have a more splendid politeness, or greater dignity of manner). Here is the plan, says he, on the table: hac ibat Simois, here ran the little river Nebel: hic est Sigeia tellus, here are Tallards quarters, at the bowl of this pipe, at the attack of which Captain Esmond was present. I have the honor to cheap supra shoes introduce him to Mr. Boyle; and Mr. Esmond was but now depicting aliquo proelia mixta mero, when you came in. In truth, the two gentlemen had been so engaged when the visitor arrived, and Addison, in his smiling way, speaking of Mr. Webb, colonel of Esmonds regiment (who commanded a brigade in the action, and greatly distinguished himself there), was lamenting that he could find never a suitable rhyme for Webb, otherwise the brigade should have had a place in the poets longchamp outlet store verses. And for you, you are but a lieutenant, says Addison, and the Muse cant occupy herself with any gentleman under the rank of a field officer.
Mr. Boyle was all impatient to hear, saying that my Lord Treasurer and my Lord Halifax were equally anxious; and Addison, blushing, began reading of his verses, and, I suspect, knew their weak parts as well as the most critical hearer. When he came to the lines describing the angel, that
Inspired repulsed battalions to engage,
And taught the doubtful battle where to rage,
he read with great animation, looking at Esmond, as much as to say, You know where that simile came from from our talk, and our bottle of Burgundy, the other day.
The poets two hearers were caught with enthusiasm, and applauded the verses with all their might. The gentleman of the Court sprang up in great delight. Not a word more, my dear sir, says he. Trust me with the papers Ill defend them with my life. Let me read them over to my Lord Treasurer, whom I am appointed to see in half an hour. I venture to promise, the verses shall lose nothing by my reading, and then, sir, we shall see whether Lord Halifax has a right to complain that his friends pension is no longer paid. And without more ado, the courtier in lace seized the manuscript pages, placed them in his breast with his ruffled hand over his heart, executed a most gracious wave of the hat with the disengaged hand, and smiled and bowed out of the room, leaving an odor of pomander behind him.
Does not the chamber look quite dark? says Addison, surveying it, after the glorious appearance and disappearance of that gracious messenger? Why, he illuminated the whole room. Your scar 2013-10-26 .


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