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ow jolly a cigar is at night! How pretty that little Saxon church supra shoes looks in the moonlight! I wonder what old Warringtons doing? Yes, shes a dayvlish nice little thing, as my uncle says.
Oh, heavenly! Here broke out a voice from a clematis-covered casement near a girls voice: it was the voice of the author of Mes Larmes.
Pen burst into a laugh. Dont tell about my smoking, he said, leaning out of his own window.
Oh! go on! I adore it, cried the lady of Mes Larmes. Heavenly night! heavenly, heavenly moon! but I must shut my window, and not talk to you on account of les moeurs. How droll they are, les moeurs! Adieu. And Pen began to sing the Goodnight to Don Basilio.
The next day they were walking in the fields together, laughing and chattering the gayest pair of friends. They talked about the days of their youth, and Blanche was prettily sentimental. They talked about Laura, dearest Laura Blanche had loved her as a sister: was she happy with that odd Lady Rockminster? Wouldnt she come and stay with them at Tunbridge? Oh, what walks they would take together! What songs they would sing the old, old songs! Lauras voice was splendid. Did Arthur she must call him Arthur remember the songs they sang in the happy old days, now he was grown such a great man, and had such a succes? etc. etc.
And the day after, which was enlivened with a happy ramble through the woods to Penshurst, and a sight of that pleasant park and hall, came that conversation with the curate which we have narrated, and which made our young friend think more and more.
Is she all this perfection? he asked himself. Has she become serious and religious? Does she tend schools, and visit the poor? Is she kind to longchamp sale her mother and brother? Yes, I am sure of that, I supra shoes uk have seen her. And walking with his old tutor over his little parish, and going to visit his school, it was with inexpressible delight that Pen found Blanche seated instructing the children, and fancied to himself how patient she must be, how good-natured, how ingenuous, how really simple in her tastes, and unspoiled by the world.
And do you really like the country? he asked her, as they walked together.
I should like never to see that odious city again. O Arthur that is, Mr. well, Arthur, then ones good thoughts grow up in these sweet woods and calm solitudes, like those flowers which wont bloom in London, you know. The gardener comes and changes our balconies once a week. I dont think I shall bear to look London in the face again its odious, smoky, brazen face! But, heigho!
Why that sigh, Blanche?
Never mind why.
Yes, I do mind why. Tell me, tell me everything.
I wish you hadnt come down; and a second edition of Mes Soupirs came out.
You dont want me, Blanche?
I dont want you to go away. I dont think this house will be very happy without you, and thats why I wish that you never had come.
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