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rs. Did you ever see the Mars, Miss Fotheringay?
There was two Mahers in Crow Street, remarked Miss Emily; Fanny was well enough, but Biddy was no great things.
Sure, the Major means the god of war, Milly, my dear, interposed the parent.
It is not that Mars I meant, though Venus, I suppose, may be pardoned for thinking about him, the Major replied with a smile directed in full longchamp outlet to Sir Derby Oaks, longchamp outlet store who now re-entered in his shell-jacket; but the lady did not understand the words of which he made use, nor did the compliment at all pacify Sir Derby, who, probably, did not understand it either, and at any rate received it with great sulkiness and stiffness, scowling uneasily at Miss Fotheringay, with an expression which seemed to ask what the deuce does this man here?
Major Pendennis was not in the least annoyed by the gentlemans ill-humour. On the contrary, it delighted him. So, thought he, a rival is in the field; and he offered up vows that Sir Derby might be, not only a rival, but a winner too, in this love-match in which he and Pen were engaged.
I fear I interrupted your fencing lesson; but my stay in Chatteris is very short, and I was anxious to make myself known to my old fellow-campaigner Captain Costigan, and to see a lady nearer who had charmed me longchamp outlet store so much from the stage. I was not the only man epris last night, Miss Fotheringay (if I must call you so, though your own family name is a very ancient and noble one). There was a reverend friend of mine, who went home in raptures with Ophelia; and I saw Sir Derby Oaks fling a bouquet which no actress ever merited better. I should have brought one myself, had I known what I was going to see. Are not those the very flowers in a glass of water on the mantelpiece yonder?
I am very fond of flowers, said Miss Fotheringay, with a languishing ogle at Sir Derby Oaks but the Baronet still scowled sulkily.
Sweets to the sweet isnt that the expression of the play? Mr. Pendennis asked, bent upon being good-humoured.
Pon my life, I dont know. Very likely it is. I aint much of a literary man, answered Sir Derby.
Is it possible? the Major continued, with an air of surprise. You dont inherit your fathers love of letters, then, Sir Derby? He was a remarkably fine scholar, and I had the honour of knowing him very well.
Indeed, said the other, and gave a sulky wag of his head.
He saved my life, continued Pendennis.
Did he now? cried Miss Fotheringay, rolling her eyes first upon the Major with surprise, then towards Sir Derby with gratitude but the latter was proof against those glances: and far from appearing to be pleased that the Apothecary, his father, should have saved Major Pendenniss life, the young man actually looked as if he wished the event had turned the other way.
My father, I believe, was a very good doctor, the young gentleman said by way of reply. Im not in that line myself. I wish you good morning, sir. Ive got an appoint 2013-10-25 .


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