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Soap with love

Short description 

Selling soap could help a poor community to improve their economy and health.

Crisis statement 

In some villages in Peru chidren have many needs, hygiene is not taught and supplies are lacking. They have another problem, their families depend largely on tourists for their poor livelihoods. It is not easy for them to improve their incomes. But at the same time these children and their families are connected to the earth and have knowledge of using native plants . They don´t know how to made a change in their lives to bring health, good habits and better economic situation.

Needs statement 

To sell  soap from an international brand dedicated to made natural soaps to travelers or visitor who appreciate natural products and have social spirit. Every soap sold will have a QR code in the package, then the buyer would be able to know who made his soap with their own hands. In te website will appear information about the craftsman, their community and the place where he lives. For every soap sold for a community they win points to receive soaps or another kind of reward. 

Impact statement 


The communities who participate in this program will have the chance of improve their incomes and give more stability to their families. At the same time they will be able to access for their personal hygiene to soaps and it will help to create the habit of handwashing. This simple action can change totally their lifes giving more health and reducing infectious diseases as diarrhea specially in children and as a result reducing children mortality.



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