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Sanitation Shouts with Toilets nearby

Short description 

When nature calls, where do you think people go, particularly women and children who are out for shopping, picnic, walk, etc.?

Crisis statement 


A clean and hygienic environment is every citizen’s need and their social right as well. People are generally not aware of any proper sanitation facilities nearby when they are out for shopping, picnic, walk etc and they feel shy asking for it; plus when they see dirty and broken washrooms, rest rooms or toilets, they prefer not to use them and they control their urge to urinate which is dangerous for their health as it may cause UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and damaged kidneys. Others might urniate in the open. This definitely warrants attention. The challege here is to build a community of concerned citizens and empower them to organize for better sanitation facilities

Needs statement 

This problem can be addressed by creating a social network of concerned citizens over mobile devices and web, who will geo-tag toilets and other sanitation needs/problems within their locality or community. 

Impact statement 

With organized and connected citizens’ community shouting for their right for proper sanitation facilities, democratically elected Governemnts will be forced to take action, otherwise they will lose public support and hence next elections. All we need is a mobile app, a web app and multiple marketing and awareness campaigns and events



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