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Sanitation + girls = education + empowerment

Short description 

Monitoring girls’ attendance at schools after implementing gender-friendly sanitation facilities

Needs statement 

A text-based app would enable a (girl) class rep to ‘check in’ the number of girls attending school over a period of time, and would enable the NGO to see whether menstrual education and/or gender-friendly facilities improve girls’ school attendance. The results would be fed into a map and would also show trends over time.

The girls would also be able to text to request a visit from the menstrual health education facilititator. The requests would be fed into the same map showing number of requests per area in order to coordinate the facilitator’s schedule and itinerary.

Impact statement 

– Increase empowerment and employability of girls and women (in short and long-term)

– Improve attendance and health of girls

– Potential to scale up to other regions in the world (universal problem)




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Empowering girls is a text-based app that could be used to track girls attendance in cameroon schools, before and after gender-friendly facilities were introduced into the schools. Without these facilities, girls miss school one week per month. The objective of this app is to help determine the impact of an NGO by tracking girls attendance.

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