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Reporting sanitation problems to providers

Short description 

In Latin America, many countries don´t have an efficient system to evaluate sanitation services quality

Crisis statement 


Citizens in Latin America don´t have an efficient way to send a complaint or suggestions to their sanitation providers. Traditional methods as phone calls are not good enough because they require to spend precious time or other resources as money. As a consequence, when people think about it, they decide don´t do  anything.  This situation creates a false perception about the sanitation services. There are problems but nobody knows about them. Clients think that providers are not efficient and providers don´t know where there is a problem. There is a gap between sanitation providers and their clients.

Needs statement 


We need to create a system that allows reporting complaints about sanitation of all the sanitation providers in the country. Also, this system will allow to send suggestions to improve services. This information will be useful to see graphical comparisons between company providers, it will give feedback to providers about the perception of its quality service directly from their clients. 

Impact statement 

Fast and real information would help sanitation providers to keep informed about the quality of their service. It would also help them to respond to problems faster. This way citizens won’t waste time making a complaint for traditional channels.


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