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Problem Reporting System for Rural People

Short Description 

An easy to use problem reporting system specially targeted for the rural people.

Project Description 

Users can report their problems using only voice message, so that even illiterate people can use this system. They will be given a phone number and an area code to report their problems. They will call in that number and say their area code (voice recognition system will be used to detect the code). Then they will describe their problem in detail. It will be recorded in the server and then sent to the authority of that area automatically. Authority will check these voice messages at specific intervals and then they will start taking required action. They can call the reporter for more information if needed. What actions have been taken for a problem will be recorded along with the recorded problem description to make monitoring easier. Authority can also send useful health and sanitation information to the rural people using this system.

Associated Problem Statements 
Additional Support Needed 
Business development
Technical development

Project Participants 


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