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Nearly 40% of the world—2.5 billion people—does not have access to sanitation and hygiene. The War on Poop is an ugly one. In the time it has taken you to read this, a child has died because of poor sanitation. In the past 10 years, diarrhea has killed more children than all the people lost to armed conflict since World War II, mostly due to unsafe water, inadequate sanitation, or insufficient hygiene. 90% of all deaths caused by diarrheal diseases are children under 5 years of age in developing countries.

We’re here to change the scoop on poop. We believe that every child should live past their first birthday, every person should have clean water to drink, and that 100% of humanity should have access to improved sanitation and good hygiene. Clean water, improved sanitation, and hygiene are basic human rights—together we can make sure those rights are given to everyone.

Help us fight the War on Poop. Join our army of Toilet Hackers by participating in the Sanitation Hackathon.

We will be hosting events in 11 different cities, with the support of Eirene, RHoK and Angel Hack.   

USA: New York (Eirene), San Francisco (Angel Hack), Sacramento (RHoK), Philadelphia (RHoK) , Atlanta (RHoK), Seattle (Angel Hack), Los Angeles (Angel Hack) and Washington DC (RHoK). 

CANADA: Montreal (RHoK), Toronto (RHoK) and Vancouver (RHoK)

Visit to learn more about the sites and activities. 

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Eirene, a Sanitation Hackathon partner, is leading the North American sites under the sister brand Toilet Hackers. 

New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Washington D.C., Sacramento, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Seattle, Los Angeles  

United States

+1 (917) 916-0422

Event date and time 
Friday, November 30, 2012 – 17:00 to Sunday, December 2, 2012 – 15:00

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