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ee, all along the hoppers, the round backs of women squabbling incessantly over the stones.
Outside, the wind had suddenly quieted; a moist cold was falling from a grey sky. The colliers thrust out their shoulders, folded their arms, and set forth irregularly, with a rolling gait which made their large bones stand out beneath their thin garments. In the daylight they looked like a band of Negroes thrown into the mud. Some of them had not finished their briquets; and the remains of the bread carried between the shirt and the jacket made them humpbacked.
Hallo! theres Bouteloup. said Zacharie, grinning.
Levaque without stopping exchanged two sentences with his lodger, a big dark fellow of thirty-five with a placid, honest air:
Is the soup ready, Louis?
I believe it is.
Then the wife is good-humoured to-day.
Yes, I believe she is.
Other miners bound for the earth-cutting came up, new bands which one by one were engulfed in the pit. It was the three oclock descent, more men for the pit to devour, the gangs who would replace the sets of the pike. men at the bottom of the passages. The mine never rested; day and night human insects were digging out the rock six hundred metres below the beetroot fields.
However, the youngsters went ahead. Jeanlin confided to Bbert a complicated plan for supra shoes getting four sous worth of tobacco on credit, while Lydie followed respectfully at a distance. Catherine came with Zacharie and tienne. None of them spoke. And it was only in front of the Avantage Inn that Maheu and Levaque rejoined them.
Here we are, said the former to tienne; will you come in?
They separated. Catherine had stood a moment motionless, gazing once more at the young man with her large eyes full of greenish limpidity like spring water, the crystal deepened the more by her black face. She smiled and disappeared with the others on the road that led up to the cheap supra shoes settlement.
The inn was situated between the village and the mine, at the crossing of two roads. It was a two-storied brick house, whitewashed from top to bottom, enlivened around the windows by a broad pale-blue border. On a square sign-board nailed above the door, one read in yellow letters: A lAvantage, licensed to Rasseneur. Behind stretched a skittle-ground enclosed by a hedge. The Company, who had done everything to buy up the property placed within its vast territory, was in despair over this inn in the open fields, at the very entrance of the Voreux.
Go in, said Maheu to tienne.
The little parlour was quite bare with its white walls, its three tables and its dozen chairs, its deal counter about the size of a kitchen dresser. There were a dozen glasses at most, three bottles of liqueur, a decanter, a small zinc tank with a pewter tap to hold the beer; cheap supra shoes uk and nothing else not a figure, not a little table, not a game. In the metal fireplace, which was bright and polished, a coal fire was burning quietly. On the flags a thin layer of white sand drank up the constant moisture of this water- 2013-11-05 .


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