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Monitoring of Street Cleaning Staff through Mobile

Short Description 

Citizen will report problem related to street cleaning to municpal. They will assign the problem to concern sweeper. He will work on that.


Project Description 


Crisis StatementPakistan generates between 0.283 to 0.612 kg per capita per day of solid waste. This wasteis normally dumped in low-lying land. Unfortunately all municipal waste is not regularlycollected from households and collection points leading to littering in public places. Lack ofcollection increases pollution and results in clogging drains which causes sanitationproblems. Consequently, it not only allows infections to flourish but also the community isexposed to the risk of disease outbreak, including malaria.Need StatementA mobile application to connect the local municipal department and citizens with eachother.Using the app the citizens will comment, question and update the waste collectionservice in their localities. The local municipal department will use this two-waycommunication channel to update the respondent when the issue is resolved. Once thecollectors collect the waste they informed the municipality and municipality share thisinformation with the respective citizen to verify the claim of collector. The localmunicipality may share the picture of the site after waste collection.Impact StatementThis communication channel is highly effective to create healthy and hygienic villages,towns and cities by improving the monitoring of staff through citizens. Municipality mayspread information, run behavior campaign and other communication campaigns forcleaner cities with wider coverage at cheaper cost.Short DescriptionThe municipal entities have hundreds and thousands of sweepers but even then the streetsare not clean and heap of garbage is visible. Poor monitoring and accountability ofsweepers is one among many reasons for low productivity of staff. A technology systemwhere citizens report to municipality about productivity of sweeper in their street to putsweeper under pressure t work and perform.

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