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s would regard his escapade of the previous evening. He had been sitting at home all the morning in state, and in company with a Polish colonel, who lived in his hotel, and whom Philip had selected to be his second in case the battle of the previous night should have any suite. He had left that colonel in company with a bag of tobacco and an order for unlimited beer, whilst he himself ran up to catch a glimpse of his beloved. The Bayneses had not heard of the battle of the previous night. They were full of the ball, of Lord Estridges affability, of the Golconda ambassadors diamonds, of the appearance of the royal princes who honoured the fte, of the most fashionable Paris talk in a word. Philip was scolded, snubbed, and coldly received by mamma; but he was used to that sort of treatment, and greatly relieved by finding that she was unacquainted with his own disorderly behaviour. He did not tell Charlotte about the quarrel; a knowledge of it might alarm the little maiden; and so for once our friend was discreet, and held his tongue.
But if he had any influence with the editor of Galignanis Messenger, why did he not entreat the conductors of that admirable journal to forego all mention of the fracas at the embassy ball? Two days after the fte, I am sorry to say, there appeared a paragraph in the paper narrating the circumstances of the fight. And the guilty Philip found a copy of that paper on the table before Mrs. Baynes and the general when he came to the Champs Elyses according to his wont. Behind that paper sate Major-General Baynes, C. B., looking confused, and beside him his lady frowning like Rhadamanthus. Moncler Jacken But no Charlotte was in the room.
Part 2 Chapter 9 Infandi Dolores
Philips Moncler Outlet heart beat very quickly at seeing this grim pair, and the guilty newspaper before them, on which Mrs. Baynes lean right hand was laid. So, sir, she cried, you still honour us with your company: after distinguishing yourself as you did the night before last. Fighting and boxing like a porter at his Excellencys ball. Its disgusting! I have no other word for it: disgusting! And here I suppose she nudged the general, or gave him some look or signal by which he knew he was to come into action; for Baynes straightway advanced and delivered his fire.
Faith, sir, more bub-ub-blackguard conduct I never heard of in my life! Thats the only word for it: the only word for it, cries Baynes.
The general knows what blackguard conduct is, and yours is that conduct, Mr. Firmin! It is all over the town: is talked of everywhere: will be in all the newspapers. When his lordship heard of it, he was furious. Never, never, will you be admitted into the Moncler Jacken Herren Embassy again, after disgracing yourself as you have done, cries the lady.
Disgracing yourself, thats the word. And disgraceful your conduct was, begad! cries the officer second in command.
You dont know my provocation, pleaded poor Philip. As I came up to him Twysden was boasting that he had struck me and and laughing at me.
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