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Mobile/web based Platform for Sanitary Supplies

Short description 

Develop a two-way communication channel where sanitary stores can communicate with manufactures and benefit from discounts.

Crisis statement 

In sanitation the most important target is safe disposal of human excreta. The target is mainly achieved through behavior change strategy and through hardware like latrine etc. Demand for sanitary material is created through social mobilization and through supply chain the demand is met by sanitary stores. Theses sanitary stores are geographically spread throughout the rural and urban areas and purchase material from nearby suppliers and manufacturers. They do not have complete information about others manufacturers and suppliers who might be supplying better quality and cheaper rates.

Needs statement 

A platform is needed where all sanitary stores may place their orders and this information is shown on an online platform in a Geo-positioning map. This system is accessed by manufacturers and suppliers and they can manage their logistics and provide discounts to rural sanitary stores based on their location and in order to serve the neighboring markets.

Impact statement 

The manufacturers can further utilize the platform to introduce low-cost sanitary options to the sanitary stores which they may introduce to their customers in their rural and urban markets. With the development of this system, one singular and unified platform for the sanitation industry will be realized. The sanitary stoes will benefit by getting discounted rates, manufacturers, elimination of middlemen, and access to information to run, manage and expand their local business. The manufacturers will also take an advantage from a large scale access to rural markets and new business opportunities.



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