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Meet the Ten Finalists of the Sanitation App Challenge

The day has come. We are very proud to announce the 10 finalists from the Sanitation App Challenge! After three rounds of judging, Empowering Girls, LION Sync, LooRewards, mSchool, mSewage, San-Trac, Sanitation Investment Tracker, SunClean, Taarifa, and ToiLight will be competing for an inspirational tour to Silicon Valley. We will be announcing the grand prize winner on April 19, 2013, but until then we invite you to watch the videos and read the bios of each finalist below.

The Sanitation Hackathon is truly a global, citizen-driven collaborative effort and we hope everyone enjoyed being part of the experience. Please continue to follow-up on us and the great ideas submitted for this competition via this site. This website serves as a great resource for participants to showcase their innovative solutions to sanitation challenges for other developers, development organizations, and potential sponsors!

We also invite you to visit the Sanitation App Challenge site to learn about the experts who served as mentors, the ideas exchanged, and the other brilliant apps created during the competition. The app challenge built on the problem statements defined during the hackathon and served as the core platform for competitors to frame their ideas, seek guidance, and publish their apps for this contest.

Now, without further ado, your 10 finalists (in alphabetical order)…

Empowering Girls An app which can track girls’ attendance in school via text messages to measure attendance rates before and after the creation of appropriate sanitation facilities for female students. The team used the problem statement “Sanitation + girls = education + empowerment” that was identified by sanitation experts, focusing on Africa where 1 in 10 school-age girls do not attend school during menstruation, or drop out at puberty because of the lack of clean and private sanitation facilities in schools. 

LION Sync LION Sync (Local Information Offline Network Sync) is a project to create a framework for easily syncing online and offline information, and to then build a demonstration application for sanitation data management on top of this framework. Through this project the LION Sync team hopes to solve an important general data management problem, with wide application in developing country information management, while also creating a useful tool for sanitation monitoring as a demonstration of LION Sync’s potential.

LooRewardsAn app that improves engagement towards healthy/hygienic behavior by rewarding the urban poor for adopting hygienic practices like using toilets, clean water, etc. The LooRewards model is based on proven “Change Methodologies” that have been quite effective in other sectors. It can be easily, used customized and implemented for various BoP programs (across developing countries) that require the poor to adopt new products and services (i.e. change behavior).

mSchoolA low-tech participatory platform that monitors school learning conditions where students, parents, teachers can send formatted SMS to alert local plumbers or contractors about schools water hand-pump, toilets and hand-washing system breakdowns and repairs. All the information exchanged is mapped in real time and organised in a dedicated monitoring and evaluation dashboards for the Ministry of Education, local governments, and/or civil society. The mSchool team is also developing a micro-fundraising system to help the poorest schools to be quickly assisted.

mSewageAn app that helps save lives by addressing the number one way that water sources become contaminated: raw sewage flowing onto the ground and seeping into water sources. mSewage provides a platform to map sewage outflows and sanitation infrastructure. This helps empower communities to identify water sources that are at risk and track efforts to improve the situation. Because mSewage is free and open source, it also helps people working on this important problem coordinate with one another.

San-TracThis solution is more about helping the public, and improve the practice of hand washing. The San-Trac technology is made up of off-the-shelf components, which are cheap and widely available. People are reminded to wash their hands whenever they use sanitary facilities, and thus not contracting and spreading diseases. The goals of San-Trac are to create a pleasant, safer, and approachable sanitary environment and to accelerate information gathering from remote areas.

Sanitation Investment Tracker A suite of applications that can be used to track investment (and associated expenditure) in sanitation at the household level. It can be used by a variety of actors (including governments, NGOs, private operators of sanitation services) to help them understand the on-site sanitation market, by knowing who has invested and how much in on-site sanitation. This information is critical for designing, financing and monitoring sanitation programmes as well as providing services to households which have on-site sanitation (such as desludging services).

SunCleanAwareness on safe sanitation and hygiene remains generally low. To help people understand sanitation and hygiene issues, we have to start by educating children. Most approaches, however, fail to reach and gather children’s attention for the topic. SunClean is a game that playfully teaches sanitation and hygiene behavior. The app consists of 2 mini game:  Disposal Trash and Hand Wash for Kids. SunClean also have learn feature to teach children about good sanitation behavior.

TaarifaThe Taarifa Platform is an open source web application for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping. It allows people to collect and share their own stories using various mediums such as SMS, Web Forms, Email or Twitter, placing these reports into a workflow. Where these reports can be followed up and acted upon, while engaging citizens and communities.

ToilightThis app helps find the nearest toilets. With a feature to filter by nearest toilets, it helps users to decide on their desired toilet. The filters including rate, price, opening time, type (gas station toilet, mall toilet, etc), and facilities it has (lamp, soap, hand dryer, water, tissue). Toilight also allows adding new toilets by location (via GPS or marking it in map), price, type (gas station toilet, restaurant toilet, mall toilet, rental toilet, station/bus stop toilet), and facilities. The toilet with the greatest score is also picked as Toilet of the Week.

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