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Meet the Grand Prize Winners of the Sanitation App Challenge



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About the App: mSchool is a low-tech participatory platform that monitors the learning conditions in schools and empowers students, parents, and teachers to report needed school repairs, particularly in the sanitation environment. Users of mSchool can send formatted SMS alerts to local plumbers or contractors about repairs needed for hand-pumps, toilets, and handwashing systems in schools. All information exchanged is mapped in real time and organized in a dedicated monitoring and evaluation dashboard for the Ministry of Education, local governments, and civil society. The mSchool team is also developing a micro-fundraising system to help reach the poorest schools.

Team Bio: The mSchool team is comprised of Amadou Sow, Cédric Champenois, Christine Fall, Daniel Annerose, and Emmanuel Bocquet. In 2011, this group of computer enthusiasts and rural community specialists from Senegal and France had the idea to build a mobile monitoring network centered on schools to monitor the learning conditions in Senegal, especially in rural areas. The team joined the Sanitation App Challenge because of their vision to partner with farmers, schools, and rural water managers so they can level up, team up, and reach the global market. The team hopes to expand the usage of the app outside of Senegal and better refine usability for low-resource, low-bandwidth users.



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About the App: Awareness of safe sanitation and hygiene remains low, and to help people understand sanitation and hygiene issues, SunClean believes educating children is critical. SunClean playfully teaches children sanitation and hygiene behavior in a way that captures and maintains their attention. SunClean consists of two Mini Games: “Disposal Trash” and “Hand Wash for Kids.” The games target children of age four and above, and can be run on a computer or mobile device with its lean construction on Construct2, a game engine that can be exported to HTML5, Windows 8, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry10 platforms.

Team Bio: Dimas Ramadhani, Irfan Afif, Riza Fathan, Luqman Sungkar, and Mohammad Nugroho are friends from Universitas Indonesia. After winning the 2012 Sanitation Hackathon in Jakarta, the team developed their winning idea into a gaming app for the Sanitation App Challenge. The primary driver for this team’s motivation is their enthusiasm towards game development and sanitation education for children. The SunClean team envisions their game serving as a tool for parents to teach their children about hygienic practices.



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About the App: The Taarifa Platform is an open source web application for information collection, visualization, and interactive mapping. It allows people to collect and share their own sanitation issues using various mediums such as SMS, web forms, email, or Twitter, placing these reports into a workflow. Taarifa shows spatial information about an area from the point of view of the community itself, giving citizens the power to report and address the problems around them. One of the problem statements posed by sanitation experts and addressed by the team concerns connecting local governments with the citizens they represent. The Taarifa Platform can track progress on implementation and infrastructure upgrades and solicit feedback from community members. With greater engagement of community views, decision-making organizations or governments can better identify successes or problems.

Team Bio: In 2011, a group of humanitarian coders and subject matter experts worked together at University College London with the aim of producing technology prototypes and designs to problems related to water and sanitation. The Taarifa team includes Andrew MacKenzie, Caroline Glassberg-Powell, Dirk Gorissen, Fayaz Valli, Florian Rathgeber, Guiseppe Sollazzo, Jeremy Morley, Mark Iliffe, Nico Weinert, Sarah-Jayne Farmer, Sophie Lafayette, and Steven Feldman.



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