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Manobi is a social business company. We provide web and mobile business services to re-connect vulnerable populations to a globalized world.

Project Description 

In Africa primary school students face unacceptable learning conditions. Lack of proper and working clean water access or toilets  increase sanitory risks  and reduce enrollment and increase  absenteeism. Government and international aid miss actionnable field information to intervene efficiently in this sector.

So we set up mSchool, a low-tech participatory platform monitoring school learning conditions. We train students, parents, teachers, to send formatted SMSes to alert about schools water hand-pump, toilets and hand-washing system breakdowns and repairs.

mSchoold immediately forwards alerts to local plumbers or contractors in charge to quickly fix problems. All the information exchanged is mapped in real time on mSchool and organised in dedicated monitoring and evaluation dashboards for the Ministry of Education, local governments, and civil society. We are developping a micro-fundraising system to help the poorest schools to be quickly assisted.

mSchool is a tremendous educational tool to help primary school students to defend their basic service delivery rights.

mSchool is now speading in Senegal, and with your support it will be extended accross Africa


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