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Make the Most of Your Car Wrap Ad

Car wrap advertising is one of the most successful forms of advertising to date simply because of all the views one car wrap ad can generate.  Statistics show that one car wrap ad can generate anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 views in one trip across town.  To make car wrap advertising even more successful, third party advertising agencies such as WrapMatch help companies find people who are willing to turn their personal vehicles into mobile billboards for a small price ultimately saving companies from having to purchase a fleet of company vehicles, wrap them, and make sure they are driven on a regular basis.  Car wrap advertising has never been easier and benefits both companies and people who are looking for some extra income.  

When to drive

Car wrap advertising is already successful, however there are ways to ensure that car wrap ads bring in as much money as possible.  The reason car wrap ads are successful is because of the views they generate, and advertisers have complete control over how often ads are seen.  Car wrap advertisers can make money by simply driving their wrapped vehicles on their daily routes, but if advertisers are looking to make the most money possible, there are certain areas where they are likely to generate more interest.  Car wrap advertisers’ pay is determined by how many people call in after viewing the ad and companies can tell which ad consumers are referring to by a certain code or design.  If advertisers want to ensure that their ad is being seen by as many people as possible the best time to drive is during rush hour traffic.  While it is not fun to sit in traffic, the longer a vehicle is on the road, the more views it will generate.  

Where to be seen

Another way to ensure that car wrap ads are being seen is by parking it in visible places.  According to Stay a Stay-at-Home Mom, car wrap advertisers should always park in populated areas or at least avoid garages.  Wrapped vehicles should be driven all the time, no matter where the drivers are headed.  If time permits, advertisers should take the longest routes to their destinations in order to generate more views.  Even though being a car wrap advertiser comes with a lot of flexibility that most jobs do not have, the job should still be treated as a demanding position if advertisers want to make the most income possible.  The more the wrapped vehicle is seen, the more likely the advertiser will make money.

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