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Loren Israel , a well known name in the world of music. Loren Israel was born in 1997 in Hollywood, California. He later moves to the San Fernando Valley. Loren Israel is known as a well known music artist in Los Angeles. Loren Israel is best known for working with bands like Plain White T’s, Jimmy Eat World, Neon Trees and many more.

As it is said that Loren Israel is both born for music and fond of music , he began to work for the music industry at a very young age of 15.Loren Israel had several tours with number of bands among which One Day band was one in which he played guitar and wrote a song for the first time. After this, Loren Israel went to the college but the air of music was in his bones, which makes him to step back in the music world.Later he was offered for A&R executive for several shows and for an internship by Capital Records. After completing his internship, he got a permanent job as a music executive in Capital Records. He is presently working as an A&R consultants for major music industries.

Being an A&R executive, he composed independently for many bands and independently produce and signed The Hippos to Interscope Records and Automatic7 to A&M vagrant Records. Also served Jimmy Eat World’s self titled CD for DreamWorks.

Loren Israel’s striking work can be seen in his owned music mentorship program which is Band Boot Camp in which Loren Israel personally assists artists for songwriting, stage presence and self marketing at studio in Hollywood in a workshop of one day. Band Boot Camp was a serious attempt by Loren to tune up the skills of artists with the best tools to help them emerge out as a superstar.

Loren Israel started the music mentor program usually for the ambitious artists who are born with the desire to make a name in the world of music. Loren Israels’s Band Boot Camp teaches the songwriting concept which is a fundamental of any music industry. The next step is the “code” in which the understood fundamentals are applied, which is followed by the advance form of songwriting. After mastering the songwriting, the program provides with the recordings session then live shows and online presence.

With excellent skills, Loren Israel has a big name in the world of music.


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