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Latin American Hackers Will Provide New Solutions to Sanitation

Submitted by Nancy Vega, Nexonet

The Sanitation Hackathon in Latin America is sharing the message that we can help 2.5 billion of people using technology.  We spread the word among startups and technology communities seeing gratefully that the social vision of technology is growing in the region. 

As our hackathon will be online, we are working on building a regional community using social media and other resources. On the way we received support from hackathon friends that helped reinforce the community sense among the public who follow us.

Messages such as the one recorded by Martin Vivas from Pallermo Valley inviting Latin Americans to participate on the hackathon, motivated the community even more to engage with the goals of this event. 

We hosted a  preparation meeting with virtual participants from different countries including Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Panama and more. After this meeting, we are even more excited for the hackathon this weekend.

We want to thank the following organizations that promote entrepreneurship, technology and social initiatives as they became our partners: Universidad de Lima, Emprende Social and Palermo Valley, among others.  

Looking forward to a great hackathon!


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