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Intervention and Approach Map

Short description 

A tool to map and evaluate the current interventions and approaches in behavioral change and promotion of sanitation

Crisis statement 

The sanitation actors in Tanzania use various behavioral change approaches (namely CLTS, PHAST, TSSM, Mtumba, etc.) in order to create demand for sanitation and hygiene in the communities. Transparent platform for exchange of information on the intervention locations along with the behavioral change approach used would facilitate better communication between the sanitation stakeholders.

Creating a user-friendly platform would inform sanitation actors of the location of areas already triggered. Joined with a monitoring tool it could also allow for impact assessment of the used approaches in order to inform the National Sanitation Campaign Committee.

Impact statement 

The user of this tool would be the government of Tanzania, specifically the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) and the Prime Minister’s Office for Local Government (PMO RALG) for use within the National Sanitation Campaign and beyond.  There is also strong backing for this tool from development partners such as the World Bank, WSP, DfiD, the African Development Bank, UNICEF, and WaterAid.

In addition to possible Hackathon prizes, there could be further incubation, testing and rollout support for high-potential solutions. 



Submitted by Lenovo on

I think this idea is really a great one!  I agree that there is a huge need to know what type of methods are being used where (on a village by village basis).  Specifically it would be great if we were mapping where and when community-led total sanitation (CLTS) triggering has occurred and where and when subsidies are handed out.  It would also be great if after triggering those villages that become open defecation free (ODF) could be easily mapped!  Right now governments or coordination bodies collect the data but it never really seems to get back to the original community members.  It would be great if community members could even sometimes have a map printed for them and know “Our village is on the internet!”  As more and more people get access to internet, it would be great if the information coudl be crowd-sources so individuals could actually comment and correct data.

If a really easy to use system, that didn’t use much internet band-width, and jsut used pictures so that anyone (regardless of language) could enter the data it would be GREAT!

This could be a brilliant idea or it could be just fumes. I mean it is a gigantic task. Creating a monitoring tool for a large area based on information of assumptions as well as theories. I do not know how much this is going to successful! I really want to help you people. But, I can’t, I am far away from where you are!!!

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