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Household Toilet Materials Quantity and Cost Calculator

Short description 

Many people don’t know what they need to buy in order to build a toilet or how much it could cost.

Needs statement 

An online resource that hardware stores, construction workers, aid workers, sanitation selling companies, and individuals could use to determine how much materials they need to buy to build a toilet and approximately how much it will cost. 

Impact statement 

Create a smart phone app or computer program that can be given for free on CD for those without a connection that includes a series of visuals options for toilet type including:

– soil type:  rocky, clay, sand, etc

– hazards: frequent flooding, land slides, etc

– walls: do I want tile or do I want grass walls?

– seat: standing, sitting

– seat material:  metal, concrete, wood, fiberglass

– floor type: tile, concrete, dirt

– storage:  hand-dug pit, cess-pit, 2 tank septic tank, connection to sewerage, etc

– size desired:  meters of enclosure desired

Then have the program show multiple design types.  Once the consumer has selected their design type, the program can calculate a bill of quantity and (assuming there was a space for people to enter or automatically download approximate material prices) a cost for those materials.  

The program should be created in a local language with the help of some local engineers who can help calculate how much rebar, bags of cement, time digging, etc is required.

It would also be great if the item could be crowd-sourced additional designs of toilets could easily be uploaded.



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