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Hand Washing Saves Lives – CARE (iWASH)

Crisis statement 

Hand washing with soap (HWWS) at critical moments reduces the rates of diarrheal diseases by almost 50% and other respiratory diseases by 30%. Tanzania  needs to be a part of the global campaign on promoting hand washing through messages tailored to local contexts.

Needs statement 

A messaging platform should be established in order to communicate HWWS messages to the communities. It could be an platform used to disseminate SMS or better, a more cost-effective solution. It is important to evaluate if mobile phone companies would need to be interested to facilitate this process.

Additional information:

There are four types of messages that CARE would like to disseminate:

a) Promotion at the household level

b) Increasing local artisans’ (fundis) capacity to build HW stations/facilities

c) Reminding school pupils to wash hands after getting out of toilet and prior to eating snacks/food at school (accompanied by visual aids)

d) Reminding communities to maintain HW WASH facilities and fill water adequately.

– Schools would be engaged in a pilot project by their head teachers

– Appropriate messages need to be prepared for delivery to various audiences.


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