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Find the best industrial trailers with MORELLO Company

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Morello Company is the prominent and eminent company providing excellent and efficient solutions to conquer all your transportation troubles. We serve your transportation needs by manufacturing a wide array of heavy duty vehicles such as lifting platforms, industrial trailers, upenders, transfer platform , other handling equipment and accessories that will make it possible to meet your industrial needs. We manufacture Tired diesel and tired battery self propelled trailers. The self propelled trailers are used in a number of industries to move gigantic objects. These trailers offer easy handling to serve numerous loading and unloading activities.

We are the excellent designer and manufacturer of explosion proof cart for hazardous zones such as oil and natural gas, tunnel construction and mining industries, petrochemical industries and other risky sectors. In every industry which is running in explosive environment, our explosion proof battery powered carts are the best solutions. We are the manufacturers of a wide variety of trailers and industrial trucks which operates in various fields. oil and gas cart that can work in hazardous areas is one of the most secure modes of transportation.

We direct our efforts to give prompt solutions for all your industrial problems related to transportation. We are committed to serve you with trustworthy products and superior quality performances, early deliveries and a well-organized service to all our valued customers. Since 1946, we have been dedicated to solve transportation and handling related problems of many industries. Our company always has the finest ideas in technical environment. Our willpower and in depth knowledge of our engineers and employees who are specialized in mechanics, carpentry, hydraulics, electronics, pneumatic and many other fields of technology has given us the top most place in the business. Our company is all set with updated technology systems to present you the best solutions for your transportation troubles and complex handling needs.

Apart from this, we also manufacture other heavy duty machinery such as industrial trailers, lifting platforms, mafi trailers, spares and accessories and handling equipment. So if you want to solve the transportation and material handling issues in your business, Morello Company is the admirable choice. There are numerous ways to contact us, choose the one you are suitable with. You can call us at + 39 (0)11 2480569 or you can visit our website for detailed information about us.


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