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Expanding Choices, Opening Horizon

Short description 

People’s participation in the decision making process is key to implement the WASH public policy. How to make it effective ?

Crisis statement 

Without easily accessible/understandable information people will not participate in decisions making. People’s feeling of their poor influence at individual level prevents their participation in collective choices at the local level. Information ownership will help increase self confidence and trust in collective action to influence decisions on WASH issues at the local level.

Needs statement 

People’s ability to effectively participate will increase if it is easy to access information on available options on technologies, if they believe they can make valuable informed contributions to decisions and if it appears that individual decisions matter and have an impact on the decisions made by authorities responsible for the water and sanitation issues at the municipal and river basin levels.

A serious game will help raise awareness on the individuals’ interactions and impact at local level. It will stimulate discussions, raise self confidence, and increase awareness on the individual potential impact to make‘sustainable choices’. The game will address hygiene, sanitation and environmental issues and propose sanitation options and technologies with limited impact on the water resource. Young people are key to start influencing practices at various levels (family, within and between municipalities).

Impact statement 

The access to mobile phones or computers is ensured in the municipalities of the Jacuipe river Basin. There are cyber coffees (LAN house) in the municipal centres and most young people have mobile phones. Young people (8-13 years) are massive users of new technologies.

A game on facebook would allow broad diffusion of the game, interactions between players and aggregations of individual decisions (with visible results at municipal or river basin level).

The teachers (primary and secondary education) in the municipalities of the Jacuipe river basin could help advertised the game. Indeed, in Brazil the education system is formally involved in environmental education. The game could potentially be used at the level of the state of Bahia.


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