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Eng.morellogiovanni.it: Delivering pioneering industrial material handling technology and solutions

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Welcome to Eng.morellogiovanni.it, the dedicated website of MORELLO Company. Recognized as one of the leading and most proficient manufacturing company based in Turin, Italy, MORELLO Company is specialized in manufacturing the widest range of industrial trailers, trucks and lifting platforms for manufacturing plants and industries worldwide. From past many decades, MORELLO Company has been studying and diffusing the most innovative factory material handling technologies and solutions to to address the transportation and convoluted material handling needs of the modern day industries.

Here at MORELLO Company, we understand that the industrial trailers are the backbone of any type of industry. Thus, we manufacture pioneering battery powered trolley and trailers to streamline the operation and enhance the bottom line performance of the industries. Our battery powered trolleys are designed to technical excellence and are renowned for their superior level of working flexibility. These tired battery electronic self-propelled trolleys are undoubtedly the best possible solution to the manufacturing plants where heavy materials are to be transported through a very limited or narrow space.

Our battery motorized trolley is capable of carrying tons of load from one place to another within an industry with ease, thereby minimizing manpower and costs of operations. MORELLO Company is driven by highly trained and dedicated team of engineers and technicians having a wealth of experience and good understanding of hydraulics, mechanics, pneumatics and electronics. We have our own plant that is equipped with state of the art technology and most advanced equipments. By combining innovative technology and our years of experience, we manufacture the best industrial trailers, Mafi Trailers, Upenders, Lifting Platforms, Handling equipment and a whole bunch of spare parts and accessories for these heavy duty machines.

The industrial trailers and lifting platforms manufactured by us are being widely used in a number of fields such as automotive industries, iron and metallurgy, shipyards, chemical plants, paper mills, aeronautic and aerospace industries and airports prefabrication, just to mention a few. In addition to this, we also specialize in designing and manufacturing explosion proof battery powered oil and gas trailer that can be operated in hazardous areas, oil, gas and mining industries, IECEx and ATEX and so on.

If you are looking for heavy duty industrial trailers and lifting platform for your business then MORELLO Company can provide you with the best and cost effective solutions. Give us a call at + 39 (0)11 2480569 and visit http://eng.morellogiovanni.it/portfolio-view/battery-electric-trailers/ for more info.


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