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Data Repository and Information Dissemination

Crisis statement 

Problem Statement: Data Repository and Information Dissemination

Lack of information, data availability and consistency are problems that plague the sector. More often than not, data is generated at various institutions and is not collated and remains unavailable at a single location. So, the individual / households / utility are unable to make informed decisions regarding household sanitation.

Needs statement 

Intended audience, and device needed:

The intended audience is the urban / rural household and cities / utilities.

The device could be smart phones or computers.


Idea Development: Dr Rajendra Kumar, Department of Information Technology, Government of India.


Impact statement 

Description of envisioned solution:

The desired application should be a repository (sanitation app store) that collates and stores information on toilet types, wastewater / septage treatment design, suitability (what, when and why), costs (capital / operation and maintenance), vendors (contact details), support if any from Government / civil society (subsidy / grant) and how to access them. The application could also have a query page that allows the user to key in his questions and be able to get a response.

While such an application has numerous utility both within and beyond the sector, the individual / household / utility would benefit immensely and would be able to make an informed choice. As the application would also have photographs of various options, s/he would know what s/he is buying / selecting and the price that s/he is paying for the service. 



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