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Daily monitoring of toilet usage

Crisis statement 

Problem: Daily monitoring of toilet usage

Although Government programmes fund the construction of toilets, the sustainability or use of the toilets is a cause for concern. Instances of slip backs where toilets have either been used for purposes other than the intent (store room) or not used (behavior change) have been reported and the government is very keen to be able to monitor, track and promote behavior change leading to sustainable outcomes. 

Needs statement 

Intended audience and Device:

The intended audience is the Government to monitor the construction and use of toilets in rural areas.

A mobile that can take pictures (with GPS coordinates) and record and transmit the signal received from the squatting stones to a central server.


Idea Development:  Samuel Rajkumar, Cadisfly

Impact statement 

Description of envisioned solution:

The desired application should be able to record the location of the household toilet (photograph with GPS coordinates) and other information (number of adults – male / female; children – male / female and age; when was the toilet constructed and source of funds, etc) can be captured and a data base created. The use of the toilet can then be monitored (through a sensor on the squatting stones) that records people as and when they squat to defecate. Comparing the data captured from the households (time, number of times that the sensor has been activated and the number of individuals in the household) and comparing it with the data base (with data on typical usage patterns for households with number and mix of adults and children) one would be able to monitor usage. 


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