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Customer complaint and grievance redressal

Crisis statement 

Problem:  Customer complaint and grievance redressal

People need the ability to report when:

·               Sewer lines / septic tanks are clogged and overflowing on the streets.

·               Households discharge untreated household waste to drains. 

Needs statement 

Data needed to create this solution:

No data is needed. A repository needs to be created that is capable of receiving complaints through text messages and / or email that will record the date and time the complaint has been received and also create an identification number for the complaint. As and when the complaint has been resolved, the complainant will receive a text message and / or email that the problem has been attended to (ideally with a photograph) and a confirmation from the complainant that he / she is satisfied with the response to his complaint. An alarm that is set to escalate the complaint to higher authorities if it is unresolved within a set period (say 48 hours) will be very useful. Over time, this repository could be used for the following:

·               Data base of problems (location, nature of the problem)

·               Problem analysis (where, what and frequency)

·               Efficiency of complaint redressal (turnaround time, performance of individuals / teams, # of problems that were escalated)

·               Customer satisfaction

Intended audience and Device:

The intended audience are the urban citizens and the urban local bodies / utilities.

Any mobile device that is capable of taking photographs and recording its GIS coordinates /location and a central repository to receive text messages / emails.

Idea Development:  Dr. Rajendra Kumar, Department of Information Technology, Government of India.

Impact statement 

Description of envisioned solution:

The solution is a mobile application that will allow people to report issues such as “sewer / septic tanks are clogged” or “sewage is overflowing in my area” or “household letting out untreated household wastewater onto drains / streets.” The complainant will send in photographs of overflowing sewers / manholes and households along with GPS coordinates to identify / tag the source of the problem. The complaint will be logged and given a unique code (digital signature with date and time stamp). The complainant will get a feed back that their complaint has been logged with the code and notified as and when they are addressed. This will help to track the number of complaint and their response time. In order to incentivize redressal of complaints, the department with the quickest turn-around time will be recognized and rewarded.


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