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Crowdsourcing Open Defecation Through Aerial Imagery

Short description 

Aerial and satellite imagery are criticial for monitoring change and providing information for mapping.

Needs statement 

Cameras are eveywhere. Drones and weather ballons are becoming popular. Once the imagery is stored (an exercise for the team – how best should this imagery be stored?) it should be accessible from a WMS server so it could be loaded into GIS packages or served as an online map. Previous projects around this field have included, however failed because frankly, they were ahead of the curve. Due to the opportunity to gather images and the ubiquity of devices to collect them the time is now.

Impact statement 

A tool which connects the dots of existing image capturing devices and documentation/’how to’ that could be used for mapping the locations and geographic size of an open defecation area. It will be used directly in Tanzania, starting mid-December, if built. Then applied to different projects globally. 



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Fix my Toilet – If we could link the two projects together we would have a powerfull community enagement tool with many other benefits.


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