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Congratulations to San-Trac, Winner of the People’s Choice Award!

You voted, and we heard you! It was a close race to the finish line, but San-Trac emerged as the clear winner of the Sanitation App Challenge People’s Choice Award, edging out SunClean in the 11th hour.

The other nine of the Top 10 Finalists will be announced on World Water Day, March 22nd, and the grand prize finalists will be announced in April, so stay tuned for more information about all of the winning teams. 

The San-Trac team, which participated in the December 1-2 Sanitation Hackathon in Kampala, Uganda, also took home the prize for the best app under development at the Kampala Hackathon.  The sensor-driven San-Trac system provides audio hand washing reminders, collects hand washing data and transmits it via SMS to a remote server. From there data can be aggregated and viewed for insight about hand washing trends. The sensor system is solar powered, and provides a cell phone charging station for restroom users.

The team Involved in taking on the development of the prototype and building out the San-Trac app include Felix Mwebe the team leader, João Marcos Barguil, Irena Bakic, Sri Prasanna, Subhas Dandapani and Andrew Clutterbuck, Team Coach. The project started under Aalto University’s Aalto-UNICEF Finland Product Development Project, which was supported by UNICEF Finland in collaboration with UNICEF Uganda and working with ThoughtWorks Uganda.

The San-Trac team members were among over 1,000 mobile app developers who gathered in 40 cities around the globe on December 1 and 2, 2012, for the two-day Sanitation Hackathon event. At the event, civic technologists developed projects that address challenges facing the sanitation sector.   

Of those participants, over 700 went on to register on the Sanitation HackAtHome website to continue building their app in a virtual collaborative environment. Of the 70 teams that registered on the Sanitation HackAtHome site, ten will make it through to the become Sanitation App Challenge Top 10 Finalists.

The People’s Choice Award was calculated by Facebook votes and Twitter mentions of the competing Sanitation Hackathon team using the hashtage #SanHack.  The Facebook votes were calculated and displayed in real-time on the HackatHome website.  You can see all 28 apps that were verified for public voting here

View the app’s website here.


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