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Collecting data as a school homework

Short description 

Children collecting data of sanitation in their communities.

Crisis statement 

In Latin America, there are many schools that don’t have water or sanitation services and the same situation is lived for their neigborhood. In some other places, there is a service but it is frequently not the best or there are problems that every person can see in the streets.  Children are one of the most important witnesses of these situations. But they cant do anything because nobody listen to them.

Needs statement 

Create an app for tablets where children can capture images and other information about the sanitation situation on their communities. As part of a civic activity with their teachers, children would be the most important reporters about the situation around their schools, taking photos and recolecting data with surveys. This information would be shown in a website where we can see the results from different schools.

This information collected around schools in Latin America wil be shared inside a community schools or even with authorities that can make a decision to solve these problems.

Impact statement 

The activities of the students can help to connect schools with their autorities to improve identified sanitation problems in their communities. In the other hand all this collected data  could be an important resource for autorities to make decisions about investment in new sanitation service.



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