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Cell Phone Sampling and Surveys in Sanitation

Short description 

Turn the mobile phone into a sampling and questionnaire delivery tool for sanitation

Crisis statement 

According to a study by the Water and Sanitation Program, despite the importance of sanitation in the development process, policy-makers have access to very little comprehensive evidence on the impact of poor sanitation on the economy, the environment and the welfare of its citizens. In order to make informed policy decisions, policy makers need to understand the benefits of supporting sanitation, and the claims for increased spending on sanitation need to be supported by timely and reliable evidence.

Data collection is a major constraint to the development of evidence-based policy on sanitation. Specialized household surveys delivered in the traditional way can be very costly and take a long time depending on the area of coverage, while development in urban areas is fast and requires quick decisions.

Needs statement 

An application that enables the mobile phone (in conjunction with radio campaigns) to be used for sampling and delivering surveys on sanitation and wastewater services.

Function 1: Census

Ability to deliver short censuses (one question at a time) by text message to users in a certain geographic location and their ability to respond simply with a number.

For example:

Question: What kind of latrine access do you have at home? 1) None 2) Public 3) In-home 4) Outdoor

Function 2: Sampling

A map with mobile phone accounts as points (without user information) to be used to define sampling frames based on the census results that then can be used as in scientific randomization and stratification for survey purposes.



Submitted by jsuwala on

The tool to create and manage SMS sanitation surveys could be based on the software that is used to run uReport Uganda (http://www.ureport.ug/). The system, however, would need to be able to target individuals, or only certain registered users for a question (such as to ask all females registered in Abuja about the status of their latrine).

I am looking to develop this sort of “market segmented uReport” system for a governance project in Ghana, and would be happy to discuss any collaboration opportunities.

– Jason Suwala (jsuwala@hatfieldgroup.com

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