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Captain Health Guard – the germ buster

Short description 

An action based interactive game to impart education through simple messages on hygiene and sanitary practices.

Crisis statement 

Lack of education, cultural taboos, open defecation, poor hygiene, lack of connecting diseases with poor sanitation, lack of medical facilities and medicines are some of the causes of diarrhea, dysentery, malnutrition and death especially amongst children. Imparting education and raising awareness between poor sanitation and health could solve one of these problems. Mostly youth – living in the outskirts of urban areas and rural areas – are unable to make co-relate  diseases to poor sanitation and hygiene. How to educate these kids and youth who do not even go to schools for various seasons?. TV, Radio, theater can be some options. But these all are time and finance intensive and require various entities to buckle their belt. Interestingly most – if not all – of young people have mobile phones and they love games.

Needs statement 

An medium is required to engage the youth living in semi urban and rural areas to learn about the co-realtion between a lack of sanitation and health issues.

The game starts with basic messages on hygiene like “hand washing” and gradually move the ladder the complex messages on “Open Defecation Free (ODF) environment”. The game could be divided in levels and with increase in level the complexity rises.  The story of game will revolve around a main character – Captain Health Guard CGH – who has learned the lessons of defeating diseases/germs hard way. But now he has a mission to teach the children to defeat the germs that is why he is also called “CGH the germ buster”. CHG is surrounded by germs (flies, mosquitos, burg, viruses etc) and he has a mission to kill them. But he needs ammunition to burst the germs. He loads his weapon a unique laser gun by killing germs. In order to load his gun with get ammunition he has to read the educational messages and perform the task like “wash hands”, “brush teeth”, “use latrine” etc. Every time a message is read and the task is performed the player gets ammunition and fire to kill the germ. If the player fails to read the message and does not perform the task as per instructions the gun is attached by germs and loses power.   

Impact statement 
  • Inform youth on safe sanitation and healthy hygiene practices and not only practicing these but preaching others.
  • Enhanced knowledge might help in addressing sanitation and water borne diseases.
  • Improved health and healthy living
  • CHG mission accomplished



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