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Short Description 

Cablet is a public toilet finder service delivered using Web interface and Android apps. 

Project Description 

Cablet is a service to locate nearest public toilet along with the crowdsourced rating of the sanitation quality. Cablet has web interface and Android apps which is designed to provide it’s users the flexibility and helpful experience in easily finding toilet and giving the travel direction. User can use his embedded GPS in Android handheld, GeoLocation API in HTML5, or fulltext geocoding service.

Public can rate here the public toilet more than one time in order to monitor the dynamic sanitation quality of the toilet facility. This information will be delivered as spatial dashboard that can be used by governing body/management in order to determine the optimal maintenance strategies.

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Associated Problem Statements 
Additional Support Needed 

Hardware and Software Requirements 
Android 2.2+
Internet browser with HTML5 Support (for Geolocation API)
Backend Server

Project Participants 

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