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Are you searching for the equipment that you need in a farm? Do you want to buy high quality farm equipment to enhance your productivity? If so, then is the best and perfect destination for you. Grintoso is a company based in Italy having a long experience in the field of agricultural machinery. To make your work simpler, easier and faster, Grintoso provides you various types of farm equipment (Attrezzature agricole) online.

For every farmer, working with the latest equipment is a way to upgrade the farming skill and increase the growth of healthy crops. Due to the advancement in farming and agriculture, the civilization in all the times has grown rapidly. From tilling the soil to cultivate and feed crops, our range of equipment can help in all the processes.

While scrolling on our website, you can find the Digging equipment (Vangatrici) . For the growth of plant, it is essential to dig the soil in a proper manner.Our classic digging tools are fast, efficient, and affordable, they can be used by small farmers and gardeners for easy digging with less efforts. These tools can be used to perform the tasks of ploughing, terracing, harvesting and other farming activities. With our digging equipment, you can do the work easily and see the improved results.

Here, you can buy Mowers (Trinciasarmenti) from us, if you need to upgrade the look of your lawn. You can use lawn mowers to keep your lawn healthy. If you find that the weeds are popping out and there are chances for any lawn diseases, then our mowers will help you get rid of all such problems. With the quality mowers, you can make your lawn mowing experience more effective and fun.

We have well categorized our website, so you can find the product of your choice with ease. So, what are you waiting for? If you are in need of any equipment for tillage or processing of green vegetables, you can visit our website and choose the equipment which you require to make your work more efficient, effective and proficient. For any queries, feel free to call us at +39 0543 721968.


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