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Building on the Sanitation Hackathon – Vote for your favorite app!

In December 2012, over 1,100 developers convened for a weekend of innovation to solve sanitation problems. In sixteen cities around the world, these civic technologists worked on projects that address a diversity of sanitation challenges that had been identified by sector specialists and the public in the months leading up to the Sanitation Hackathon. While these projects demonstrate the power of innovative technologies in addressing development problems, sometimes a weekend simply isn’t enough time to produce apps that are finalized and ready for deployment for meaningful impact.

The Sanitation App Challenge is designed to support developers as they refine their projects and ideas into applications. From January-February 2013, hundreds of innovators—including participants from the Sanitation Hackathon—convened in an online “Hack-At-Home” platform to connect with mentors (such as sector specialists and product design professionals) who provided feedback and support to the developer teams. Through these online interactions with mentors and with fellow participants, developers were able to prepare apps that are ready to be prototyped or deployed in development projects.

Now, three months after the Sanitation Hackathon kicked off this burst of innovation for development, these innovators have developed about 30 applications that address sanitation challenges—and your help is needed to pick the best one! Review the apps and vote for your favorite today!

The finalists, consisting of your “public choice award” and several others determined by a global panel of jurors, will be announced at World Water Day on March 22, and at least one team will win a trip to Silicon Valley

What app do you think has the best chance of solving pressing sanitation challenges? Vote now!


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