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Analysis and solve the local and rural sanitation problem by mobile and web based application

Short description 

solving the rural and local sanitation problem. provide the analysing tool for meause information and funds and sanitation equipment needs.

Crisis statement 

Sanitation officer of the government cannot get the proper measurement of sanitization information of rural area. Sanitation program of government has mostly unsuccessful because of lack of information about the rural area or area. The worker of the program don’t get the proper information timely and they don’t have information about the people of the area, their habits and behavioral. The local government sanitization agency and organization don’t analysis how much funds and equipment, and risky and immediate area of sanitation of lack of information and data about that area. The worker of the sanitation program doesn’t work properly.

Needs statement 

So the government needs the online apps, which will get the sanitation information from local worker of sanitation program by internet enabled mobile and other internet enabled device such as computer. The information is shows geographically at maps. By using the maps government of health ministry and local authority of sanitation program can analysis how much of funds and equipment are need for the particular rural or particular area. Government and local authority of the sanitation can also analysis the risky and immediate area for sanitation problem. By that apps of tool worker can get the proper information of about the area and sanitation cost for particular area and other information about sanitation information for aware the people of the area. This application also finds out unplanted sanitation open defecation and open wash room of rural area. Provide the planted solution of open defecation and open wash room.

Impact statement 

This app will also have web based service and mobile and browser based functionality. By this apps health ministry and other local authority will get the help from that. Different types of  sanitation agency and company can get the information about sanitation problem and sanitation needs of the particular area.some of the local sanitation agency will help me to testing the apps


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